Hair Color Trends From a Totally Different Perspective. Seriously!

If you’re up for a totally new healthy and vibrant look, why not explore our fashion forward Hair Color Trends. In fact, we invite you to become an INSIDER where you’ll find the latest styling tips with a behind-the-scenes peek at the latest in natural-looking, transformational beauty created by the supremely talented, award- winning designer Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Highlights For Your Hair

Are you one of those individuals who were ‘gothic’ during your high school years? Maybe you wanted to make sure that your hair remained jet black at all times. However, these days, you realize that highlights for your hair are not reserved only for those who have carefree blonde hair or golden kissed brunette hair. Read More

Ideal Highlights for Brunettes

Brunette hair looks even more stylish when it is highlighted. Flat or monotone hair is not very appealing no matter what color it is. If you to highlight your hair, you can choose either lowlights or you can choose highlights. However, if you want to keep your dark hair as natural as possible, you can Read More

A Hair Highlights Professional Can Help Make Gray Hair Classy

Highlights to Cover Gray When most women begin to notice those first few gray hairs, they realize that they are faced with two options. They can decide to cover the gray hairs up with one color that closely resembles their natural hair color, or they can choose to go gray gracefully. However, there is another Read More