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Special Events Hair Styling Atlanta | Diana Pagan

Special Events Hair Styling

special events hairstyles dunwoodyIt does not matter how beautiful your dress or shoes are because if your hairstyle is not popular or trendy, you will not stand out at your special event.  The right hairstyle can transform you look and any outfit you want to wear.  This is why if you are planning to attend a prom, party, wedding or other occasion, you want to schedule an appointment with a hairstylist who is skilled in special events hair styling.

Be Selective When Choosing a Hairstyle

New hairstyles are constantly trending and it seems like every day hairstyles that once were popular are considered outdated.  However, you need to make sure that the hairstyle you select is one that is best suited to complement the shape of your face.  Every hairstyle will not look good on you, and your age and facial features will be the two factors that will determine the style that will work well on your.  A hairstylist that has experience in special events hair styling can advise you on what styles would look best on you.

Some special events styles that may work for you are:

  • Bob cut hairstyles
  • Cropped hairstyles
  • Updos
  • Layered hairstyles
  • Twisted hairstyles
  • Wavy hairstyles
  • Curvy hairstyles
  • Tendrils

Choose a Reputable Hair Salon

It is very important that you choose a hair salon in your area that has an impeccable reputation.  You want to make sure that the special events stylist can give you a gorgeous style that will make an impression on everyone you meet.

Schedule a consultation with the stylist before your special day.  Tell the stylist the type of hairstyle you are looking for, and work with the stylist to find the style that will complement you well. Be aware that additional services such as shampooing may increase the final price you pay.  Ask the stylist about extra services and decide what extras you want to include.

You will need a special hairstyle if you are celebrating an event like a wedding or a prom.  Your makeup, dress and hairstyle should work in harmony to give you a complete look that is appropriate for the event.  Special events hair styling does not have to be time consuming or very extensive.  However, for the best results, the styling should be performed by a professional hairstylist.  A professional hairstylist can give you an elegant and classy style while also taking excellent care of your hair.

Diana Pagan is the owner of Diana Pagan Hair Designs in Dunwoody, GA.  She specializes in special events hairstyling.  Schedule an appointment with her today!

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