Short Hair Cuts Allow You to Reinvent Yourself

sandy springs ga short hair cutsShort hair cuts offer many benefits to those who wear these types of styles. A short haircut is extremely easy to maintain, and the hair can stay healthier because short hairs are younger than longer hairs. However, having a short hairstyle is not only a lifestyle choice for many. Many women see their favorite celebrities wearing these trendy, short styles and they want to cut their longer locks for a more confident and fashionable look.

Some of the most popular celebrities in the world are sporting short hairstyles. Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and Rihanna are just a few of the stars who have been hitting the red carpets with stunning short hair cuts. If you are considering making the change from long hair to short hair, the following styles will introduce you to some options you may have not considered before.

The Shag

Made popular by Florence Henderson and the late Farrah Fawcett in the 1970s, the shag haircut has become very popular among younger women. It is a look that is modern, funky and exudes confidence. The shag haircut is unique due to the different types of layers that are added in the hair. The layers can be enhanced by adding styling gel or pomade to the hair and then finger combing the hair into the desired style.

The Crop

If you are looking for the perfect example of a crop haircut, look no further than Victoria Beckham. She surprised many people when she went for this ultra-chic look. Not everyone who wants this type of haircut can successfully pull it off. The crop hairstyle looks best on those who have an oval shaped face and high cheekbones.

The Pixie

Another example of a celebrity wearing a classic short haircut with style is Halle Berry. This may be the star’s celebrity style, but the style has been admired for a long time among Hollywood celebrities including Audrey Hepburn. This is also a major transformation for those who have long hair and want to cut their locks.

You can put your own spin on short hair cuts by adding bangs to the cut. Side swept bangs and wispy bangs can make the haircut truly unique.

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