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Professional Hair Stylist | Atlanta | Diana Pagan

What Are The Job Duties Of A Professional Hair Stylist?

professional hair stylistWhen you are looking for a specific hairstyle, you may seek out the services of a professional hair stylist. The hair stylist will be able to create the look you want, and the desired look may require the stylist to perm, color or cut the hair. Some hair stylists own a hair salon, but many hair stylists work as independent contractors with other stylists in a salon. A major change in the industry has seen an increase in hair stylists who are offering mobile hair services to their clients.

An individual who is interested in becoming a licensed professional hair stylist will typically begin their career by enrolling in cosmetology school. The classes offered in this curriculum provide students with both classroom and clinical studies. After the student completes the classes, he/she must then pass the state certification exam. Once the certification exam has been passed, the student is eligible to practice cosmetology, and can offer services to clients.

Many hair stylists only accept clients through appointments; some only accept walk-ins, while others accept both types of clients. Clients should always call the hair stylist ahead of time to see what times the stylist is available to offer hair services. Most stylists who work independently may provide services at different times of the day. These independent stylists often set their own prices as well. However, a hair stylist that works for a salon owner may not scheduling and pricing options.

Once you meet with the hair stylist, the stylist will take a few moments to inspect your hair and scalp. The stylist will then ask the client the types of services he/she is looking for. If the stylist has worked with the client before, the stylist may just proceed with styling the client’s hair. Clients who are unsure of the style they want may spend a few moments looking through photos. If the stylist is not sure of the client’s option, the stylist may offer the client alternative style choices.

Even though receiving services from a professional hair stylist may cost you more than choosing an inexperienced stylist, or doing your hair at home, you will be guaranteed that a professional stylist will maintain your hair’s health while making sure your hair looks great.  Contact a professional hair stylist today to get a hair consultation.

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