The Different Types of Professional Hair Stylist Tools

professional hair stylist tools sandy springsA stylist that works in a professional hair salon uses many different types of professional hair stylist tools when they are working with clients. From dryers to curlers to scissors, stylists have many different tools in their arsenal to help create sleek styles and beautiful updos. If you are a stylist, you need to use tools that are both durable and reliable.

The Best Way to Choose Quality Tools

When you are choosing shears or scissors, choose tools that are made from strong metals. These tools should remain sharp even when they are used on a regular basis. Many hair stylists like to use cutting tools that are made of steel and enhanced with the metal silver. Blades of these types of scissors tend to remain sharp for a long period of time.

The right types of shears allow stylists to thin the hair out, whereas different types of scissors can be used to accomplish different styles. For example, long tail scissors are frequently used to trim the hair at the ends. Barber scissors can be used to shape hair that is thick or full.

Professional hair dryers that are used in hair salons are much different than retail dryers. Professional dryers are designed to withstand many hours of use without having to be turned on and off at regular intervals. Most of these professional hair stylist tools are manufactured to operate for 1000 hours before they begin to work less efficiently, and these dryers operate at a lower volume than other types of dryers.

There are three types of dryers that a hair stylist can choose to use. These types are:

  • Ionic
  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline

Ionic dryers reduce the amount of water that is in the hair by using negative ions. Ceramic dryers use oils that help place moisture in the hair. Tourmaline dryers work similar to ionic dryers except they use gemstones that help increase the amount of water reduction the dryer provides.

Flat irons are one of the most popular stylist tools in the salon. This type of iron straightens pieces of hair when the hair is placed between the heated plates of the tool. These plates are usually made from ceramic or metal, and many of the irons contain tourmaline.

These are just a few of the professional hair stylist tools that can be found in a professional hair salon. These tools are used separately or in combination to achieve the perfect styles for clients.  Contact a professional hair stylist today to determine which tools will work best for your hair.

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