Understanding the Differences between Full Hair Highlights and Partial Hair Highlights

Partial hair highlightsYou are ready to schedule your highlight appointment with your hair stylist and you are presented with an option. Your stylist asks you if you want full highlights or partial hair highlights. This question leaves you even more confused because until now you did not know there was a difference. The only thing that you are positive of is that you want highlights added to your hair that will make your coworker jealous. You believe that the details of the service should be left to the professionals.

If you believe that you should not have to choose the type of highlights you get, you are partially correct. A professional hair stylist will help you make the best decision for your hair based on:

  • The stylist’s experience and knowledge
  • Your budget
  • Your understanding of the difference in the services

If you do not have a regular stylist, or you want to know more about partial hair highlights before your next appointment, the following information will help guide you into making the best decision for your hair.

What Are Full Highlights?

Getting a full hair highlight service is exactly what it sounds like. A hair stylist (colorist) will highlight every section of your hair from the back to the front and every section in between. Full highlights can be very heavy, and can transform a natural red head into a blonde. This type of highlight can also be subtle and can soften the hair’s natural color.

Some clients who initially receive full highlights will often alternate between full and partial highlights in order to save money and to only highlight areas of new growth.

What Are Partial Highlights?

Partial highlights are only applied to certain areas of hair. Partial highlights are typically applied to the top area of the head although they can also be placed on the sides. The stylist can place the color on one or more sections depending on the look you want.

These highlights are designed to be soft and provide the same effect of color as natural sunlight would have on the hair. However, partial highlights can also be more dramatic.

Remember, final decisions about highlights do not have to be finalized until you are at the salon. Any questions you have regarding partial hair highlights before your appointment can easily be answered by your stylist through a simple phone call, email or text. You can also bring pictures of highlights and styles you like so the stylist will have a better idea of the style you are seeking.

Can’t decide if you should get partial highlights in your hair? Schedule an appointment with Diana Pagan and discover how the right highlights can transform your look.

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