Do You Know What Defines A Hair Stylist As A Master Hair Stylist?

master hair stylist atlantaWhen you have your hair cut by a master hair stylist instead of a hair stylist, the main difference is the amount of experience and skill the stylist has. Within an hour, you should be able to tell whether the stylist that is working on your hair is experienced or not. The most important thing to look for is the accuracy of the hair cut.

Hair stylists who are well known teach their students to be accurate and precise when cutting a client’s hair. However, in order for a stylist to reach the level of master hair stylist, there are certain techniques and systems that must be learned. For example, stylists are taught how to section hair, how to stand and how to have the right arm and hand control. An experienced hair stylist will be able to work around the client, checking on the placement of the hair and the way the hair naturally falls.

Afterwards, the hair is blown dry. Despite what many clients believe, the average hair stylist is not aware of how to correctly dry wet hair. Once the hair is dry, the stylist will be able to see how the hair falls, and notice how the direction of the hair growth will affect the desired haircut.

Almost 30 percent of hair cutting is completed once the hair has been styled. This can include many things such as:

  • Adding texture
  • Blending
  • Softening
  • Making the shape more personalized

All of this can only be completely accurately on hair that is dry and styled.

Talent can be natural, but talent can also be taught. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of stylists take continuing education classes. This statistic can be a major concern for clients who are looking for a stylist that is updated on current hairstyles and can provide precise haircuts.

A stylist who wants to master their craft will continue to take continuing education classes because they realize those classes are essential to their career growth. As they learn how to improve their skills and techniques, the stylists are valued higher in the marketplace.

If you have ever fallen victim to a bad haircut, and it took months for your hair to recover, you will understand the value of choosing a master hair stylist. This stylist will provide you with a versatile and simple to manage haircut that will look amazing.  Find a master hair stylist in Atlanta today.

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