Say Goodbye to Unmanageable Hair with a Quality Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment Dunwoody GAIf you are looking for a reliable way to make your unmanageable and frizzy hair straight, look no further than a keratin hair treatment. Most women are looking for a more advanced way to care for their hair that is less damaging than traditional ways. This treatment has been proven to be very effective, and once you have learned the advantages and disadvantages of keratin treatments, you will be able to decide if this treatment is an option for you.

What Is The Goal Of A Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a protein. Almost 90% of human hair is made up of keratin. One of the reasons why this hair treatment is gaining popularity is because the treatment mixes with the keratin on the hair easily. It does this without having any effect on the hair. Once the treatment is completed, your hair should be silkier, smoother and more manageable.

The process begins with choosing the right keratin treatment. Consult with your stylist so the treatment that is used on your hair does not contain a dangerous level of formaldehyde.

Your hair should then be washed with a manufacturer approved shampoo. The hair stylist should shampoo your hair at least three times focusing on your hair more than your scalp.

The keratin treatment should be applied after hair has been shampooed, and should remain on the hair at least 10 minutes until the hair has been processed. The treatment will be processed with either external heat or natural body heat. Blow drying the product into the hair and flat ironing the hair afterwards will complete the process.

The Advantages of Using Keratin Hair Treatment

This type of treatment can be applied to all hair types and the treatment is affordable. Another benefit is that keratin treatments are not affected by:

  • Heat
  • Humidity
  • Water

The results last an average of four months and can even help with hair regrowth.

The Disadvantages of Using Keratin Hair Treatment

There are not many disadvantages to having a keratin hair treatment. However, you should only allow a licensed and experienced stylist to apply the treatment so it will be applied correctly. Keratin treatments also take some time to apply so it is important that you have enough time in your schedule to have the treatment completed.

A keratin hair treatment is one way you can combat unruly and frizzy hair. Be sure to schedule a consultation with a licensed stylist before getting a keratin treatment.

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