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A Journey to the Correct Hair Color | Dunwoody Hair Salon

A Journey to the Correct Hair Color

blog-thumb-02Friday was an exceptional day for me! All day long I was able to do what my heart desires the most. That’s working with people and servicing all their hair needs. I went in on Friday excited, I knew at 430 I would have a color correction that would present a real challenge for me. Throughout they day I thought about this color correction. Previously the young lady sent me a picture of her hair in the current state. Her current state was blonde hair extensions and her natural hair was red. I was ok with this color correction. I thought hey I will neutralize the red with a green base color. This encourages the hair to turn brown. I thought easy enough. I thought the blonde I would deposit color into to the hair. After all the hair was basically the same color I would highlight all her hair including the natural hair plus the hair extensions.

I thought all of this color correction through. 430 pm come around my clients gets stuck in a little traffic. I was not able to start on her correction until 5pm. I must admit the picture she sent me was really deceiving. I analyzed her hair; Yes she had the red, yes she did have the light blonde. Here’s we’re this color correction became a journey. With the red and blonde there was also some black and orange. Yes you are reading this right. I rethought the color correction. The top of her hair was red. The hair extensions had black roots, midway through the hair it was orange, on the ends light blonde. Some of the hair extensions were still black. I will admit that whoever put in the hair extensions did a good job putting then in. As far as the color went, That was a complete disaster. My fist step into correcting the color was I put bleach with 20 volume all on the black areas first, following next the orange areas, and finally bleaching the red. After putting on the bleach pretty much all over the hair some different undertones came up. This was unexpected. Some of the hair pulled green like forest green. About three sections came out this color. At this point I start asking my client what had the other stylist put in her hair. However my client did not know what the previous stylist used. All the hair lifted well. On the top of her hair I uses a level 7 ash to counter the red. On the green section I put a bright red to neutralize the bright green. On the rest off the hair I used a level 7 neutral with 20 vol. on her brighter pieces of blonde I used a level 7 neutral plus level 7 gold with 10 volume to deposited color back into the light blonde. After all the color all the hair came out pretty even. I highlighted her hair all over. My final step was I put Irish creme shades EQ by Redken to tone all of her hair. I styled her hair with the flat iron, just curling all her ends. Friday I felt like a chemist. The reward behind the six hour color correction is that I got her hair to a point that looked beautiful. My client loved her hair. I am truly fortunate to work in a field that I love. I am thankful to god for that!

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