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Holiday Hairstyles | Hair Stylist | Diana Pagan

Simple Holiday Hairstyles That Will Impress

Holiday Hairstyles Atlanta

You may not be ready to admit that the holiday season has arrived, especially if you are still looking for remnants of summer in the stores. However, like it or not, the holidays are here. If you are not a fan of the cold weather, wearing simple but elegant holiday hairstyles will certainly teach you how to be more creative with your hair. These hairstyles will also make you the envy at every holiday event you attend this season.


Beach waves are a hairstyle that is loved and worn by many women. Fortunately, this is one of the holiday hairstyles that can easily be recreated for a more refined look. Mousse is usually used to create beach waves, but if you are opting for softer waves, make sure that your hairstylist does not use any product on your hair unless your locks are very fine. A medium curling iron and finger combing will complete the look.

Half Updo

This is a glamorous, stylish and sensual look. Half updos are the perfect style to wear to cocktail parties and other festive holiday events. This style is also very simple to create. You can simply tease the crown area of your hair while combing the hair to the front. Once the hair has reached the height you desire, simply pin the bouffant into place.

Bun (Low)

If you prefer the messy look, a low bun may be your go to holiday hairstyle. The low bun is a hairstyle that straddles the fence between being unkempt and fashionably frumpy. An experienced and skilled hairstylist can transform your locks into this trendy and easy hairstyle.

Bun (High/Ballerina)

This is a look that is loved by many, but few know how to create this voluminous bun on their own strands. The ballerina bun involves teasing the length of the hair and placing it into a high ponytail. The front of the hair can be teased too if you want a more messy look.

These are just some of the holiday hairstyles that you can choose to wear for any holiday event you plan to attend. Schedule an appointment with a hairstylist who is skilled in special occasion and formal hairstyles so you add some style to your holiday season.

Ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays but need a style that will make you stand out from the crowd? Schedule an appointment or consultation with Diana Pagan Hair Designs today.

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