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highlights for brunettes

Ideal Highlights for Brunettes

highlights for brunettes sandy springsBrunette hair looks even more stylish when it is highlighted. Flat or monotone hair is not very appealing no matter what color it is. If you to highlight your hair, you can choose either lowlights or you can choose highlights. However, if you want to keep your dark hair as natural as possible, you can add highlights for brunettes that are within a shade or two of your hair’s natural color. The highlights that you select can be bold or they can be subtle.

Blond Highlights

If you are looking to make an eye catching statement with your highlights, blond highlights will certainly make you the center of attention. There are several ways that blond highlights for brunettes can be added into the hair. They can be streaked across the top of the head or a few can be placed around the front of the head. Those who are looking to make a less dramatic change can apply two or three streaks of dark blond highlights around the face and then transition to light blond highlights later.

Brown Highlights

Brunettes can also add walnut brown highlights to their hair. These highlights are ideal for someone who is not looking to make a dramatic change to the color of their hair. The highlights should be placed on the top and front of the hair because these are the areas of the head that the sun highlights. Depth can be added to the hair by combining these highlights with lowlights that are darker.

Auburn Highlights

Adding auburn highlights to brunette locks is unexpected. A subtle way to add auburn highlights to the hair is to apply the highlights to the bottom portion of the hair instead of the upper layers. This way the highlights will be even more obvious when the hair is pulled up. Darker auburn highlights blend in well and are very flattering to brunette hair.

Honey Highlights

These highlights are an excellent way to flatter the hair during the summer. Honey highlights can make the hair more voluminous and make the face brighter. The highlights can be weaved into all of the hair or they can be subtly added to the bottom of the hair.

Highlights for brunettes can polish the color and quickly change the look of your hair. Experiment with different colors and find the one that looks the best on you.

Are you looking to add highlights or lowlights to your hair? Diana Pagan is a hair designer near Dunwoody, Georgia who combines years of experience with the preferences of her clients. Make an appointment today.

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