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A Hair Highlights Professional Can Help Make Gray Hair Classy

A Hair Highlights Professional Can Help Make Gray Hair Classy

hair highlights professionalHighlights to Cover Gray

When most women begin to notice those first few gray hairs, they realize that they are faced with two options. They can decide to cover the gray hairs up with one color that closely resembles their natural hair color, or they can choose to go gray gracefully. However, there is another option that many women do not consider and that option is to add hair highlights to help cover the gray hair.

This type of hair coloring technique works by camouflaging the gray hair. The gray is camouflaged when it is blended with the colors that are applied to the hair. The result is a look that is subtle when compared to the look that results from coloring all of the hair with one process color.

Understanding the Terminology

If you are considering this option to make the gray hair disappear, it is important that you become familiar with several terms. Hair highlights are colors that are lighter than your natural color. The colors that are used the most often during a highlighting process are:

  • Blonde
  • Light auburn
  • Golden

Lowlights are colors that are darker than your natural hair color. Commonly used colors for lowlights are:

  • Dark auburn
  • Red
  • Chestnut

How the Highlighting Process Works

When you are ready for a hair highlights professional to add highlights to your hair to cover your grays, the stylist will work with you to help you choose the best highlight and lowlight colors for your hair. The stylist will then begin to work the colors in your hair by applying the colors in sections. Some sections will receive highlights, some sections will receive lowlights and other sections will not receive any added color.

After the color is applied to one section of hair, foil will be wrapped around that section of hair. The process is then repeated until all colored sections are covered with foil.

Your hair then undergoes a process where the color sets into the hair. It usually takes a maximum of 45 minutes for the process to be completed. Then the hair is shampooed and deep conditioned. The conditioner will help to protect the hair cuticles from damage.

Hair highlights will help to blend your gray hair with your new color, and any lowlights that are added with help complement the other two colors. By having your highlights retouched every few months, you will be able to enjoy your highlight blend longer.

Contact a hair highlights professional in Dunwoody, GA today to discuss your highlighting options.

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