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Should You Consider Hair Extensions? Dunwoody Hair Salon

Should You Consider Hair Extensions in Dunwoody?

hair extensions specialistThe Hair Extensions Specialist Process

The right type of hair extensions has the ability to create new opportunities and possibilities. It does not matter what condition your hair is currently in. If your hair is dry, brittle, damaged, thinning or breaking, you can use extensions to hide the damaged hair from the rest of the world.

So, if you want to invest in extensions you should make sure that you purchase a quality product. A consultation with a hair stylist will provide you with information about the highest quality extensions on the market.

Adding extensions is the easiest way to instantly add volume and movement to your hair. The best part is that the stylist can begin the process of adding hair extensions by using only about 10 cm of your natural hair.

Bonding Options

Once you have completed your consultation, the process of adding extensions can begin immediately. In most cases, extensions can be placed in the hair within 24 hours. The added hair will be placed as close to the root of your natural hair as possible by bonding the two textures of hair together. The bonding process can be achieved by fusion.  Fusion is where the extensions is bonded to your hair with a natural bond , or the hair extensions can be placed using a micro link process.  The micro link process bonds the hair together by a bead.

There are other bonding options; however, the options listed above do not cause breakage and are a good way to get length, volume, or add color to your natural hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

You can also choose from different types of extensions for your hair: special and typical or basic. Special extension hair is a raw form of European hair. This hair can be reapplied to your natural hair for up to two years after the initial installation.

Basic or typical extensions are extensions that are made from human hair. This hair originates from Southern Asia. The majority of the hair that is used for extensions comes from India. It is recommended that these extensions are not used longer than 6 months and then they should be replaced.

It does not matter the type of hair extensions you select, you will feel more confident once you see the end result. Your stylist may also offer to cut the extensions into a particular style of your choosing. For the best results, follow the haircare regimen recommended by your stylist so you can care for your extensions properly.

If you decide that extensions are the right choice for you, contact a hair extensions specialist in Dunwoody, GA today.

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