An Experience in Diana’s Dunwoody Hair Salon

blog-thumb-01I have had the pleasure of doing Ashley Wood local entrepreneurs hair. Ashley Is a Linguist, Spanish Instructor, Blogger. Her blog is Currently she is building her new small business. I decided to write about her because I feel that when you are a small or large business, there comes a time you have to look the part. Ashley on her own is really beautiful, however I wanted to give her a more updated professional look. Her natural hair color is a mousey Ashy dark blonde. I decided to brighten her mousey hair with some light blonde beige highlights which compliment her skin tone. I also cut her hair with long layers. I face framed her hair in the front of her face.

The haircut and face framing complimented her face shape. This step is vital, all haircuts should be custom cut for the client face shape. Over all the haircut and beige highlights will give her hair a ton of bounce and body. Lets face the facts any business that has attractive people will most likely have more business and work. This is the nature of the beast. Research has proven this statement to be true. I stress the idea that if someone wants success it is really important to look the part. I wish success to all! I feel completely blessed to have a job doing what I love the most. My passion is working with and doing all hair types!

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