Hair Color Trends From a Totally Different Perspective. Seriously!

If you’re up for a totally new healthy and vibrant look, why not explore our fashion forward Hair Color Trends. In fact, we invite you to become an INSIDER where you’ll find the latest styling tips with a behind-the-scenes peek at the latest in natural-looking, transformational beauty created by the supremely talented, award- winning designer Read More

Understanding the Differences between Full Hair Highlights and Partial Hair Highlights

You are ready to schedule your highlight appointment with your hair stylist and you are presented with an option. Your stylist asks you if you want full highlights or partial hair highlights. This question leaves you even more confused because until now you did not know there was a difference. The only thing that you Read More

Should You Try A Permanent Hair Straightener Or Hair Smoothing?

By looking at the latest fashion and style magazines, you will quickly read articles and view ads that say straight hair is back in style. However, for many women, straight hair has always been in style. Straight hair is a look that is a symbol of sophistication. Those who have hair that becomes unruly during Read More

How to Select the Best Hair Stylists for Your Hair

Sooner or later you will make choices in your life. The decision may be to purchase a new car or choose a new career. However, you do try to avoid making decisions that can later ruin your health or your image. The hair style that you wear can improve your self-confidence, or it can make Read More

What Is A Hair Conditioning Treatment and What Does It Do For Your Hair?

A lot of people confuse normal hair conditioning after a shampoo with a hair conditioning treatment. Although they are both considered conditioners, each one serves a different purpose. A hair conditioner applied on freshly shampooed hair and rinsed off is commonly used to make the hair easier to detangle and to provide a protective layer Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Highlights For Your Hair

Are you one of those individuals who were ‘gothic’ during your high school years? Maybe you wanted to make sure that your hair remained jet black at all times. However, these days, you realize that highlights for your hair are not reserved only for those who have carefree blonde hair or golden kissed brunette hair. Read More

Simple Holiday Hairstyles That Will Impress

You may not be ready to admit that the holiday season has arrived, especially if you are still looking for remnants of summer in the stores. However, like it or not, the holidays are here. If you are not a fan of the cold weather, wearing simple but elegant holiday hairstyles will certainly teach you Read More

Special Events Hair Styling

It does not matter how beautiful your dress or shoes are because if your hairstyle is not popular or trendy, you will not stand out at your special event.  The right hairstyle can transform you look and any outfit you want to wear.  This is why if you are planning to attend a prom, party, Read More

Ideal Highlights for Brunettes

Brunette hair looks even more stylish when it is highlighted. Flat or monotone hair is not very appealing no matter what color it is. If you to highlight your hair, you can choose either lowlights or you can choose highlights. However, if you want to keep your dark hair as natural as possible, you can Read More

Say Goodbye to Unmanageable Hair with a Quality Keratin Hair Treatment

If you are looking for a reliable way to make your unmanageable and frizzy hair straight, look no further than a keratin hair treatment. Most women are looking for a more advanced way to care for their hair that is less damaging than traditional ways. This treatment has been proven to be very effective, and Read More